Are you familiar with this? Well if you aren’t, allow me: The marshmallow experiment is when you put kids on a dinner table and place a marshmallow in front of them. They can eat the marshmallow right away or wait 15 minutes and they each get 2 marshmallows. Sounds like torture right? No! there is a good lesson to it. Research shows that kid that wait for the 15 minutes to eat the marshmallow have better relationships and lives. I’ve been thinking about this because I’m working on something and it takes 3 weeks for me to get the results and boy do I hate waiting, I’m not good at it, the waiting, anticipation, the going back and forth in my head of what is it going to be?! Argh it drives me crazy, gives me sleepless nights and major anxiety. I’m like a kid super excited about the morning so I can go play! Except it’s not excitement and it’s not going to be a game in the morning. So I guess I’m the kid that doesn’t wait the 15 minutes and grows up to want to get things fast and half the time they may not be worth it! There’s time to be the good kid, so what do I do to not eat the marshmallow before time. How do I wait to get the 2 marshmallows?


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