it’s been a while since I last blogged but I am happy to be back. Some time back I posted about “good photography needed” I told you how I wanted to do a one week look book and it got messed up by a bad photographer that left me with nothing to show for it. Well since then, I have been trying to make sure I do get a good photographer and put together a nice look, I finally did! And preparing for the shoot took a toll on me. Had to work out( yes I do workout….. sometimes) I’m trying to make it a regular thing. Anyways I got to put the looks together and did the photography which had a couple of bumps on the way, the very day! Will tell you about it sometime soon. I’m happy to be back with styling tips for you. I’m taking one shirt today “checked shirt” and wearing it different ways. Let’s walk through it.

It’s casual Friday at the office right? Most of us will think of  jeans and a tshirt but come on let’s not be too casual. How about you wear a CHECKED shirt, tuck it in, casual and still looking like you actually are at work! 😊
This has got to be my favorite look. Still Friday 6pm and you have to hang out with the girls, what to do? Get that shirt out and button down. From work to wine, had both looks right! That’s what I call a win-win 🍸let’s drink to that. Remember when I told you that you can accessories an outfit? This is what I mean. Wear it over anything you have.
That’s about the CHECKED shirt and jeans with pair it a lot more and share with you. Please leave a comment



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