img_8191I grew up in Entebbe(Uganda), a small town surrounded by water. One had so many options on where and how to spend their weekend, you had the free beach access or the other beaches that were paid for. Basically everyone was cared for kids that just wanted time away from home but  didn’t have money to spend or the ones that wanted a view with something to eat along with it. For me clearly i went to the open free beach, every Saturday after school was done at about  12pm my friends and i would walk to the beach and lounge, ha ha yeah lounge on the sand( if you haven’t you should try it sometime) having your skin against the white sand is a pretty good feeling, i had this every single weekend for 4 years of high school.

The strange thing about  me growing up by the beach is that  i cant swim!  ha ha kind of embarrassing to say  but its true, i spent a lot of hours  by the beach but never ever thought of learning how to swim. In my defense lounging is much more fun, soaking in the view and appreciating life… Well  i think that i never learnt how to because being at the beach was illegal, mom didn’t know or even want me to go there for reasons i never asked so i thought that if i tried to go to the deep end trying to swim and something happened id be double trouble. So i would rather keep my secret and still enjoy my weekends. so yep no one had to know and i didn’t have to swim(wasn’t a big deal). I’m sure i will get around it at some point soon…

Growing up by the beach was the best i love the fact that it wasn’t crowded and not hot at all. It was very easy going and laid back. When life got too much for me id just go the beach and for a moment it was okay because the beauty is always something to smile about…I plan to live on the beach one day, wake up to a view everyday relive my best childhood  memories daily.img_7067


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