So this is a little unorthodox especially among twenty somethings. Most of us want to graduate university and look for that job at the top company and work our way up, right? As good as that sounds how many of those that had that plan actually  made it to the top through genuine promotion? Answer – The boss’s daughter! ha ha anyway my point is it doesn’t happen as much.

So for me the idea never has come to mind to do that but neither did working from home till i started.  I did mass communication and for the past year i have been trying to get a job that “fits”(will explain what that means in time). like you have already guessed  it hasn’t happened yet… i got tired of waking up in the morning to do nothing to help my retired mother or at least give her hope that i can help or that i will be okay, so one night i was goggling jobs i can do that don’t require me walking around all day taking my resumes to offices and well most of those jobs i got don’t work in the country i live in now for example a personal shopper! With the growth of online shops and people having kids they can send around i doubt that works ( but hey if you are don’t have those resources and want someone to do that for you,just send a girl a message ).  Anyway after i kept asking my sister if she has any friends that would require my services and she kept saying no and laughing, she told me ” hey why don’t you start decorating bottles, she shows me some pictures and she gives a list of all i need and where to find them.

The following day i go out and get the yarns,glue and bottles to start this. i was so excited about it because the pictures online look so good and it seems so simple to do, well was it? Starting was hard, i didn’t know how to go about and i had actually given up on it and started looking for something new to do, until my other sister had a break through. skipping all the play by play details, we(me and Racheal ) got to make some nice pieces that we are marketing now.

Working from home is totally possible, with the growth of social media marketing has become a lot easier too. so how about you look for that dream job as you do something DIY on the side. I am , and i must say its going better than i thought( Will give you  the play by play details  on the next post)img_82191img_82101


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