Well let’s get this out of the way now! My blog name is “it’s August again” you may wonder why not something else maybe “confessions of a small town girl”. Or anything else. Well a couple of years back I asked my sister to create me an email address and when she was done she sent me the details so I could log in, there was something interesting, one of the details read “August baby”. I liked that very much I starting using it anywhere I could. So when I thought of writing a blog I thought of having that as my brand name, I however had to switch it up a bit, make it grown up and so I ended up with “it’s August again”. August is my favorite time of the year Im usually on holiday at this time so I go down to the country to visit dad and live simple. For some reason I always have my big moments in August (no lie). Last year I got done with university in August! Now that id a big one for me coz if you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you I HATE school! A lot of other awesome things have happened to me in the month of August that I can’t spell out now but will in the future. I think it also comes in handy that I was born in August, well I hate the fact coz getting older isn’t really that great, well maybe not so far, I think the biggest scare is changing a digit, you know from one digit to the the double digit (11) and from 19 to (20)! Yeah I’ve been there… Well I guess that’s cleared up! Read my blog 😊❤️


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