I knew I would see him that night and I was so sure I was going to talk to him this time. So yeah like every other girl I had to look for something cute and right for the moment, and this moment called for something cute and casual. I saw this dress and I thought I’d pair it with socks and some boots, cute right? (Picture that). I still had my long hair, had curls in it so yep I thought I’d have him double take (the good kind).I bought this dress in May last year, this guy who I had been crushing on for the the past year had come back and he was going to be around for the month. You are probably thinking this is what I wore the first day he was around but nope! It was his last night!. We have a mutual friend and I had told her that I really really like him so she said she would introduce me to him that night! Yep for all the time he was around I didn’t get the guts to talk to him hahaha so this is the second last night I see him before he leaves again! 😔. Well that night I did get to impress someone, a lot of people but him coz our friend got sick so I didn’t talk to him. Just stood at the parking lot and looked at him like I had been doing 😂. It’s a shame! to talk to him anyway a different day just wearing something boring!! He did look though! I’m not sure if I was for the right reasons.hahaha The whole experience taught me that when dressing, always be smart don’t wait for a certain someone or an occasion. But most of all dress up for you, not the next guy. There’s nothing more attractive than a confident sexy woman, ALWAYS!…


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