I don’t know if it’s just me but does anyone have that one place that they promised that one day they will come back with “the one”. Yeah? No? Well this place is one of those places for me. I promised that one day I would come back here with the one, hasn’t happened yet, haha anyways let me tell you why I have sentimental attachments to this place

I pretty much grew up in these gardens,Growing up in entebbe this was the place to go to after a long day at school on a Saturday. We made our way from the Anderitta beach to the garden from a little path that wasn’t known by many so that we could not pay for entry😂. It has been a while since I came here and being back brought back so many memories. I remembered the time I was 13 when my friends and I had a picnic here, we planned it for weeks and shopped for all that was need like food and food equipments. Many friends showed up and we had a wonderful time, played football, eat… I think back then having the picnic made sense but in hindsight I wouldn’t have encouraged the idea, I mean how do 13-17 year olds plan a picnic just for themselves and spend all day hanging out in a garden not studying or doing anything school related! Oh well it was fun when it was fun!

Somewhere under this tree I had my first “real “kiss. Haha I say “real” coz I really cared about him, I think I saw Cupid fly around that day hahaha funny enough we broke up in these same gardens someplace not so so far away from here. I remember all of that but talking about it is so boring! ( though some one might be reading this and wanting more detail) haha. The point is I grew up here, over the years the gardens were good to be and bad to me, pretty much like life, ups and downs right?
I came back here to take a few pictures for the blog and hang out and out of the bad experiences I had in the gardens, last Saturday in the gardens was good.😊


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