I’m walking the halls after my lecture and I see this advert saying the university need models for advertising the school, they were calling it “The face of cavendish”
To enter the contest was to send 5 head shots to the school email address,then register your names and number so that you would get called if you had gone through. To me that sounded like “go have a photo shoot honey” and I did! Anyway i sent my pictures in and I got called in, for my first audition I asked a friend to walk me to the room and i was asked if I could act and well I said yes(having no idea if the plays I starred in during primary school counted as acting) anyway I don’t think that one went well for me coz I was told everything! Hahaha guess acting isn’t my thing but oh well I got it. The friend who walked me for the auditions ended up auditioning himself and got it, later he made more money than I did. Well that’s another story hahaha. Anyway I had fun for the 3 days of shooting, working with a group of girls wasn’t as bad as I thought ended up making friends and shoring an advert which too bad I never did get to watch on tv(I’m not sure why)


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