I always wanted a get away from about May 2015. I feel like you get to a certain age and you just want to see what is out there, see new places and meet new people. Well its February 2016 and I’m still stuck in the same place, the only person I know that has friends all over the place is Patience, my cousin and I thought it was about time I called her and asked her if she had plans that she would tell me about and guess what! Yeah she does! So excited! She tell me to come by her place so I can leave with her friends that were leaving that night for Rwanda!
Was so excited to travel to Rwanda, I had never been there before or anywhere at all for that matter. Couldn’t sleep! From 2am I just had short episodes of sleep till the day light! I kept thinking of how the place would look like and I was super excited, kept looking up things I could do while I was there. The plan was 2 weeks.
My cousin couldn’t come with me so I have to travel alone! I set off and I took my seat (or I thought it was) then this dude comes and tells me that’s his seat and I have to move!
Normally I would have argued with him about it coz I knew that I was in the right spot. But I had no heart for it at the time so I moved quietly and sat elsewhere. The journey was long! I started using my “maps” app to see how much distance we had to cover

88miles huh? What is 88miles! I don’t know but I was happy it wasn’t in 100miles. Kept looking at it and I was glad the distance was getting lower with every move. I felt I had sat for forever!
God I wish I knew the speed at which he was moving, I would probably calculate (Google)how long I would be on this bus with a drunk traveler! Yeah that’s right! I mean people buy sodas and juice and munches when they are traveling but noooo, not this man. He has a bottle can of Heineken

see that?! Anha! Now you know I’m not lying! I look at the time, and it’s 2:17, my sister said that I would be there by 7pm I don’t know whether 7 Ugandan time or 7 Rwandan time! Oh God I pray it’s Rwandan time. I know that it’s only a difference of 1 hour but I really need to get out and rest, get out of these jeans and shoes. Not to mention my bra is getting tight!!!

it’s hot and these don’t do me any good! I’ve learned that when traveling I should probably wear sweats, I think… Right? I think I will keep the shoes but not the jeans.
Drive man drive
I get there at 6pm looks very different from the 6pm at home! That’s the first thing I notice!
Excited to see what Rwanda has to offer.They really have to excuse my French 


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