Travel dreams 

   I got these in my sisters house under her table and I thought of how I would want to see these places, Jerusalem, Amsterdam and Paris! Jerusalem gets me thinking about the Jordan river, the temple of David and look for where Jesus’s could have possibly walked 2000 years ago, the whole Christian scene comes to mind 🙏🏻
Amsterdam I don’t know much about it really except it’s architecture is wonderful but I don’t care about that. I think of the soundtrack to “the fault in our stars” The song is beautiful and paints a very beautiful picture in my mind.

Paris fashion week looks more glamorous that London and New York fashion week and oh how I would love to see that. Not to mention how sofisticated and sexy the French are!the Eifle tower lights up and night and it’s so much beautiful to see. 

I would love to see all these things and so much more and I hope to share it all with you 😊


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